The Last Episode of Forward Forty?

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The Last Episode of Forward Forty?

Forward Forty Videos | Judette Coward-Puglisi

August 27, 2015

We’re getting ready to launch our new Forward Forty website and until we do, this post will be the last as we focus more on the business and marketing side of things.

We will still be shooting content of course, but the new videos will be revealed when Forward Forty website goes live. We’ll make sure to provide you with lots of fun, behind the scenes shots and teaser videos and we’ll still connect with you on a daily basis here on Facebook, as well as on Twitter, and Instagram.

What a journey this has been!

I started the blog showing you the things I enjoy. I love to write, chat, cook, snap pictures of things I find interesting, talk entrepreneurship and business, shop for beauty steals and of course put clothes together in super creative and stylish ways.

I wanted to connect with women, primarily those over 40, who felt the same way and who saw the next phase of their lives as magical and as valuable as what they had lived before.

Never did I expect such support. Your comments, likes and yes, even criticisms, have been a motivational and moving experience. I was overwhelmed with joy but also felt a great sense of responsibility.

Together with an amazing but tiny team, we stepped back and said this dream could become something bigger than we ever thought and we worked at it during the night, on weekends, on holidays to deliver what we have.

Now, I can’t wait to share more of what we have in store.

For starters, I have these big audacious goals like expanding our readership, growing our social accounts, and developing Forward Forty into the ultimate source for stories on growing more beautiful and successful as we age. Along the way I’m going to share the reality about ageing, but also a whole heap of adventure, fun and advice on style, wellness, finance, food, travel etc.

Short term to-dos include: determining what our editorial calendar will look like 3 months out and maybe even longer, managing collaborations, seeking out meaningful brand partnerships, helping my team accomplish their goals, and basically just making sure the grease stays on my elbows so we can get it all done.

Oh and there is the meeting with the bank.

I love that you’ve found this space fulfilling. Thank you so much again.
For a reminder on how the journey all started please click the video, and to think, we’ve only just begun!

Be inspired.
Judette & Team Forward Forty!


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