On Starting a Business When You’re Over 40

On Starting a Business When You’re Over 40

Forward Forty | Judette Coward-Puglisi

August 23, 2015

That’s a question you ask me a lot.

I think there are several motivators for getting started with your business idea but once you hit 40 and move beyond it, age becomes the driving one. So maybe it’s time you began using it to your advantage. I know I do.

For instance, I started my PR firm, Mango Media Caribbean, when I was in my late 20s, and now when I think about Forward Forty: the website that will soon debut and the business model being built on it, I keep focusing on the fact that being in my 40’s has allowed me to have all these rich experiences that I can tap into.

Most entrepreneurs I read about who started their businesses later in life have an attitude that “it’s now or never”. I think its a powerful thing to know that you’re not getting any younger and the time to get going with your idea is now. The statistics are telling us that women are living longer and longer now, so even if you find your success in your 40’s, you still have decades to grow your business and enjoy it.

Be inspired.

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2 thoughts on “On Starting a Business When You’re Over 40

  1. Thanks so much for these enlightening articles. I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready to be my own boss and look forward to making it happen. About to graduate with an MBA, two beautiful children and a supportive husband… Oh by the way I’m looking forward to turning 40 in 2 months! Will continue to support and follow your articles. Keep up the great work! God’s Blessings.

    • Hello Natalie, thanks so much for taking the time to give feedback, I so appreciate it. You have the platform and I am referring to the support, that’s a huge plus. I don’t know your business idea but it seems you are ready to take the leap, the best of luck to you.

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