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Love Work

Forward Forty Videos | Judette Coward-Puglisi

September 11, 2015

Over the last two weeks we committed to a mountain of work with Forward Forty. I look back now and think, “How did we ever do it?” But really, I don’t have to look far. I’ve got a tiny but highly motivated team and what you see here (this new trailer) is the result of a small group of people who knows what it takes for a startup to get going. Forward Forty would be nothing without them.

We’ve approved the final design of the website and we have new content being uploaded as I write this. We are still working on some marketing challenges, hiring decisions, licensing agreements and of course all the arithmetic that banks find mandatory. But this is love work, and with the pain of giving birth to a new idea there is insurmountable joy that keeps my eyes lifted upward and focused.

Thank you for your support and comments and every word of encouragement. When we are not actually filming, blogging can be lonely work – especially at night when everyone is asleep and you’re staring at a blank screen wishing it would turn into a storyboard. Your comments move and motivate me.

Just to show you what’s coming and some of what we’ve already produced, here is Trailer no. 2.

I watch it and think, Jeez, we are only six months old and our new website soon come.

I hope you are inspired.

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