Benefits of data-driven PR

Benefits of data-driven PR

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March 4, 2015

Communication is everything.

If don’t communicate well in your personal life, you set yourself up for failure, and if you want to progress in your career you have to cultivate strong relationships. The base of these relationships is good communication.

As a public relations practitioner one sure way to cultivate a strong relationship with the CEO and the C-suite is with the consistent use of analytics.

Today we have far more access to data beyond anything companies had 20 years ago. The massive amounts of valuable data garnered from things like customer interactions and staff behavior is our biggest competitive advantage.  So how can we use data to deepen our strategic relationship with our CEOs.

 I picked three of my go to tactics.


Content strategy is your soul mate

The ability to manage and analyze data in real-time actually unleashes creativity. When you understand what the data is telling you, more often than not, you can discover fresh insights. A deeper look at your social data can help you understand a few key things about your target market. Do persons comment on and share photos, videos or in-depth pieces containing lots of stats? Are they passionate about a topic that you’ve addressed in the past? Harnessing social data can help build more shareable and interesting content for your audience.

Data-driven stories are your faithful lover

Use your company’s data to generate pitches about industry or regional trends. Where can you source this data? The marketing department or the human resources department are 2 options. The media love trend stories because they mostly appeal to a broad audience. Even persons who are not within your industry are interested in hearing how your industry is trending and its implications for their business and personal lives.

This can aid in establishing your company as an authority. Over time, a data-driven PR strategy establishes your business as a thought leader. Firm data usually carries weight with readers, viewers and media outlets. That weight ha a cumulative effect and will eventually push your profile past competitors.

Google is your best friend

Sure you can use Google to search just about anything on Planet Earth but like your best friend, Google knows exactly what you need in every situation. A best-kept secret is Google Trends. This is a site, which is used to discover how popular certain searches have been on Google historically, as well as what’s popular right now.

You can use Google to monitor your brand and aid in updating your brand and to create messaging. When deciding which direction to go, Trends can lead the way. For example, if you are in the banking industry and are interested in possibly switching your online marketing messages. Your focus groups have indicated that you should switch your messaging from ‘low interest rates’ to ‘low interest loans.’ Using Google Trends to bolster your research comparing the two terms is a great way to use data and to spark interest from the C-Suite.


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