5 Mangoes for my PR Basket

5 Mangoes for my PR Basket

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November 13, 2014

Contract work and Freelance writing and electronic production is how I have decided to make my living.

I worked in Advertising the Media, Publishing and Retail Sales (specifically West Indian Literature) since 2005. I have written for creative journals and blogs. I have presented TV shows and been in Fashion shows but none of that prepared me Public Relations. It is indeed and in fact the proverbial another kettle of fish. I began working one month at Mango Media Caribbean as a free lancer and here are five things I learned as a newbie to PR.

It’s all or nothing

With PR as with most communication based careers you have to devote yourself to what you are doing. You go in to work and you leave not when the clock hits end of day but when the job is done. That sometimes means no gym, midday private pilates sessions, fancy significant other dinner dates or that eagerly anticipated episode of Scandal. It can also mean no lunch till about 3:30pm when you have turned into an epic grumpy pants after realising you forgot to eat lunch again.

So many feels

One of the projects I worked on required that I become familiar with actual facts. All good PR firms make sure that all involved on a project is familiar with the facts of the job. I was a bit shocked with some of the facts simply because the information I had been accepting as fact was actually just sensationalism and some of it was actually just lies. After I was awakened to this I would become emotional on the topic and because I now worked in PR it became almost part of my job to just smile and not get emotional (because as mentioned in 1 it is all or nothing, the devotion follows you into life).

All writing isn’t the same

PR writing is not the same as advertising writing or creative fiction writing or creative journal writing or Caribbean lifestyle website writing. I know because in the last month I have been attempting to successfully do all, sometimes in the same day at the same time. Bad idea. To switch from one to the other is not as easy as I had thought it would be. I would find myself having to do something very thoughtless before I could attempt to start on more writing. This of course led to all the different types of writing maturing in my brain at all sorts of arbitrary and sometimes inconvenient moments. This in turn led to voice notes in the middle of traffic and TRX and jotted notes on the back of SuperPharm bills or whatever slip of paper was available while waiting in a supermarket checkout line.

Do as I say and as I do

As a person working in PR, brand becomes something that you notice even more than before. Yes I took notice of it and in some ways executed it in the past but my PR expert Chief was appalled when my Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Linkdin profile names, pictures and handles were not the same. I also found myself (with one or two slip ups) trying to carry myself differently. It was when a check list of things to address with one of the firm’s clients was being put together that I realised I have to be all the things that we tell our clients to be without anyone one telling me. I have to watch my body language, control my tone, stick to the facts and, not get emotional. I have to live PR. Living PR will actually make me a better person ( I just figured that out writing this)

Gimme a penny to buy mango verte mango teen

Money cannot buy the experience of working at Mango Media Caribbean. If you want to learn and gain experience while learning PR, Judette Coward-Puglisi and her firm is where you need to be. If you want to learn good transparent PR that is full of integrity and devotion Mango Media Caribbean is the best place to do it. The environment is highly encouraging and positive. I will always carry with me the afternoon I had to write an article and I was at a real loss as to how to even start and Judette said to me ‘Indra. You can do it.’ And I did.


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